Shiraz 40% Cesanese 60%

IGT Lazio Red

Volcanic origin, rich of Potassium, Phosphorus and Magnesium. Hilly, well exposed and windy.

Limited quantity and realised only in the best years.

With Guyot; density (vine/ha): 4.500; production (n. of bottles): 10.000

By hand, and at the right maturation only the best grapes are.

Colour: Ruby-red, with light violet tins.

Bouquet: Wide bouquet, with a great smell at nose of wild fruits, spices and walnut husk.

Savour: Full-bodied, robust, persistent and well-balanced Analytic Data.

Alcohol 13, 5% vol.

Total Acidity 5,60 gr/lt.

Residual Sugar 3,0 gr/lt

Dry Extract 29 gr/lt.

Excellent with red meat and spicy cheese.

16-18 °C


Cesanese 100%.

IGT Lazio Red

Volcanic origin, rich in Potassium, Phosphorus and Magnesium. Hilly, well-exposed and ventilated.

Fermentation lasting about 15 days at a controlled temperature of 30/32 °C. The wine is decanted twice, by making another contact with marcs for several days. After having been decanted, the wine is kept in steel vat and later on in wood for 12 months and in the end refined in bottle.

Cultivated at Guyot system with 3.500 plants per ha resulting in an output of about 70-80 ql/ha.

Careful selection of grapes lightly dried up.

Colour: Ruby-red with garnet red hints.

Nose: Ethereal, with light vanilla perfumes, intense and elegant.

Taste: Dry, warm and persistent.

Excellent with roasted and grilled meat, game and cheese.

Alcohol: 14.50%

Residual sugar: 2,5 g/lt.

Tot Acidity: 5,70 gr/lt.

Dry extract: 32 gr/lt.

Bottle laid down in a very cool environment (15 °C) and not too humid. Before serving the wine, decant it into a carafe.


Cesanese 60% Merlot 20% Cabernet Sauvignon 20%.

IGL Lazio Red

Volcanic origin rich in Potassium, Phosphorus and Magnesium. Hilly, well-exposed.

Cultivated with “spalliera” sytem, with a density of 4.000/5.000 plants per Hectare.

By hand , during the first decade of september.

Colour: Deep ruby red.

Nose: Concentrated bouquet, ethereal, noble.

Taste: Dry, velvety and persistent.

Excellent wine for roast and grilled meat and ripe cheese.

Alcohol: 13,5 %

Dry extract:  30.50 g/lt

Residual Sugar: 3.0 g/lt

Keep the bottle in a horizontal position in a dark, cool and not too wet place. Decant before serving.

Serving Temperature: 16-18 °C

8 months in barrique (medium toast Allier and Tronçais oak) then in bottle for other 6 months.

Artisans of Wine. Life Essence.