Malvasia “Puntinata”, Malvasia “Rossa” , Bellone.

IGL Lazio White

Volcanic origin, rich in Potassium, Phosphorus and Magnesium. Hilly, well-exposed and ventilated.

Cultivated at Guyot system with 4.500 plants per ha resulting in an output of about 80 ql/ha.

Careful selection of grapes, carried out by hand. Late harvesting.

Colour: Brilliant straw yellow, with light-green hints.

Nose: Intense, persistent, fruity (ripe grape hints).

Taste: Full-bodied and soft.

Sea fruits, pasta and risottos, white meat.

Alcohol: 12,50 % vol.

Total acidity: 5,50 gr/lt.

Dry extract: 22 gr/lt.

Residual sugars: 2,5-3,0 gr/lt

10-12 °C

Artisans of Wine. Life Essence.