Racemo Olive Oil

Extra-vergin olive oil, produced by Azienda Agricola L’Olivella, is the result of age-tradition and modern technology aimed to achieving a very high quality product from the olive harvested from our farm.

The Olivella olive-groves have been cultivated for many years by using the 2078/92 regulations, integrated farming methods law and for the next year will be Biological method.

The olive varieties used for our oil are characteristic of the Castelli Romani area. These varieties include Frantoio, which gives the oil a slight fruit taste and re-calls the flavour of almonds; Leccino, which is bitter and intensive and Rosciola, giving also a fruity taste and a deep green colour.

Hand harvest takes place early during the olive repenig period, in order to enhance the olives fruit taste. Once the olives have been gathered, they must be pressed within 24 hours.

The olive pressing and extraction takes place at a cold temperature. The olives are pressed in a traditional granite millstone. Afterwards the oil is extracted with a low temperature centrifuges. The Olivella Olive Oil is not filtered.

The Olivella olive grove consists of 2.400 old trees located at 300 mt in altitude. The olives mature faster thanks to the presence of Castel Gandolfo lake nearthere. The olive-groves are planted on virgin soil of volcanic origin on the heights of Monte Tuscolo, with its own airy microclimate.

The balance of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and the excellent drainage all add up to near perfect conditions for Olive oil.

Poor fluidity, clear, deep green. The bouquet is fruity, fragrant and very harmonious. Mild flavor with a very  mild bitterness.